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Our Story

Quarterlane Books - Our Story

Purveyors of books,
makers of mood (and now for kids, too!)

With each installment of our seasonal literary collection, we invite you to embark on a new journey through the narratives of today's most celebrated authors. Every three months, count on quarterlane for a handpicked selection of page-turners that that have been discovered, vetted, and approved by our Founder Elizabeth Lane.


Elizabeth Lane

I am so thrilled to announce that quarterlane Summer is here! And even more thrilled to announce the launch of quarterlane kids, bringing everything you love about quarterlane to the younger set!

Every season has been a joy, and this one may be the best yet. From amazing curatorial partnerships with The Paris Review, Lenny Letter, Kate Schelter, and Elettra Wiedemann to collections that cover the gamut of summertime moods -- The Passport, Memoir, Father's Day . . . we've got you covered! Dive in for a peek at what we are adding to the beach bag . . .



QUARTERLANE  would absolutely not be possible without the unwavering support and commitment of Partners Village Store and Kitchen in Westport, Massachusetts, for which Elizabeth is the book buyer and from which the idea for quarterlane was born.  A charming village store with a nod to a bygone era, Partners Village Store is a true anchor in  this seaside community. All of quarterlane’s books are sourced through Partners Village Store and their publisher relationships.

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